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HYCS Weekly Emails

Here are the weekly email lesson.  Just click on the link below to be taken to that week’s lesson.

HYCS #0 – Welcome to Honing Your Consulting Skills

HYCS#1 – Finding Your True North

HYCS #2 – Pick Your Point

HYCS #3 – Power, Consulting’s Secret Sauce

HYCS #4 – Power: How do You Know What’s Available?

HYCS#5 – Assumptions:  Silent, But Deadly

HYCS #6 – Are We Ready for Our Clients?

HYCS #7 – Why is Your Client Acting Like That?

HYCS #8 – Have You Listened to Yourself Lately?

HYCS #9 – What Does Staying in Your Own Business Sound Like?

HYCS #10 – Defusing the Consulting Triangle

HYCS #11 – Meetings that Transform

HYCS #12 – Where’s the Decision-Maker?

HYCS #13 – A Tale of Two Meetings

HYCS #14 – The Best Way to Influence a Group

HYCS #15 – How an Entering Meeting is Like a Dog Park

HYCS #16 – This Entering Meeting Wouldn’t End

HYCS #17 – The Quickest Path to Credibility

 HYCS #18 – Mastering the Phone Meeting, Part 1

HYCS #19 –Compelling Outcomes:  Mastering the Phone Meetings, Part 2

HYCS #20 – Handling the Rigid Client Request

HYCS #21 – Saying No When You’re Afraid To

HYCS #22 – Who’s the Calmest Person in the Room?

HYCS #23 – When the Entering Meeting is Going Nowhere

HYCS #24 – Consulting is Not Linear

HYCS #25 – How to say “That’s crazy!” and not get fired

HYCS #26 – Is this Resistance?

HYCS #27 – How to Melt Resistance

HYCS #28 – Using Personal Stories

HYCS #29 – Can’t Think of a Model?  Try This.

HYCS #30 – Modelandia: Put a Box Around It

HYCS #31 – Using Analogies to Sidestep Fear

HYCS #32 – DIY Assessments

HYCS #33 – Don’t Collect Data Without a Plan

HYCS #34 – How The Yips Are Making You Work Too Hard

HYCS #35 – Why You Want Your Client to Reject Your (Data) Feedback

HYCS #36 – Which Data Collection Method is Best?

HYCS #37 – Help!  I Can’t Sell and Consult

HYCS #38 – The Why and How of Interviewing

HYCS #39 –  Helping Our Clients Decide

HYCS #40 – When You Need to Redirect the Meeting

 HYCS #41 – Should Consultants Implement?

HYCS #42 – Can You Measure Consulting Success?

HYCS #43 – How to Shift Your Role

 HYCS #44 – Client Crippled by Anxiety?  See Paris First

HYCS #45 – How to Assess a Consulting Engagement

HYCS #46 – You Mean Everyone is My Client?

HYCS #47 – Is it a Problem to Solve or a Polarity to Manage? 

HYCS #48- Authentic = Congruent

HYCS #49 -There is always another layer, and it’s easier

HYCS #50 – Lighten Up

HYCS #51 – Listen, See, Repeat.