Drumming the I Ching

Drumming the I Ching Oracle is coming in early 2022!

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The I Ching, or Book of Change, is a 5,000-year-old indigenous oracle meant to connect us with nature and the spirit world.  Drumming it entrains the brain, allowing us to take in its wisdom more fully.  Although any drum can be used, I’ve optimized the rhythms for the frame drum a 5,000-year-old trance technology, with rich overtones that deepen our access to inner and communal wisdom.

Drumming the I Ching Oracle

This class will help you deepen your experience of the I Ching as oracle and shamanic guide technology of change.  We’ll formulate questions, consult the I Ching and drum our readings as well as the inner or mutual hexagram and other related hexagrams.  I Ching can defy logic and befuddle the mind and drumming it helps us effortlessly align with change.

Drumming the I Ching – Trigrams

In this foundational, 4-week class, you’ll learn the eight trigram rhythms at the heart of the I Ching.  Drumming these eight rhythms aligns you with all aspects of the cycle of change, enhancing your relationship to what is (aka, reality) and opening you to wisdom beyond your logical, individual mind.

What:  Four sessions, 75 mins each

When:  TBD

Cost: $75.00

==>Paypal:  liz@collaborationzone.com  Please use the friends and family option (no fee)

==>Venmo:  @Liz-Williams-82

Course Pillars:

  • Musical knowledge is not necessary for this practice.  If you can breathe, you can hold a rhythm.
  • We’ll use call and response drills to help you embody the rhythms and build confidence and power.
  • We’ll drill each rhythm at various speeds and give options for advanced students.  You won’t get left behind and you won’t get bored.
  • The meanings of each rhythm will be wrapped into a guided meditation at the end of each session
  • Questions and requests (such as, SLOW DOWN, PLEASE!) are welcome at any time.
  • We’ll have fun, get tranced out, get deep, and learn something you can keep.

What you need:  Time to practice (5-10mins a day will do) and a frame drum that you can hold comfortably on your lap.  14-18 inches is a good size, but I’ve done this with 12 and 13 inch drums too.  (Email me with questions.)

Week One 

Introduction to Drumming the I Ching on the Tar(a jingle-less Middle Eastern frame drum played with the fingers) Learn rhythms of THUNDER and MOUNTAIN; add link the rhythms; guided meditation on FIRE and WATER; audio tracks for practicing.

Week Two

Review THUNDER, MOUNTAIN, learn FIRE, WATER (top hand pah); ; link all four rhythms; guided meditation on ; audio tracks for practicing.

Week Three

Review THUNDER, MOUNTAIN, FIRE, WATER; learn WIND, and LAKE,  (brushing); ; link all rhythms; guided meditation on WIND and LAKE ; audio tracks for practicing.

Week Four

Review THUNDER, MOUNTAIN, FIRE, WATER, WIND and LAKE; add HEAVEN AND EARTH (3 against 4) and CODA; guided meditation on all eight trigrams; Demo of  Drumming an I Ching reading, audio tracks for practicing.

I’m always in the process of putting together an online or in-person class.  Let me know about your interest and I’ll put you on the list.