Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching

There will come a time in your life when doing what you’ve always done won’t get you where you want to go.  Here are a few instances where a different approach is needed:

  • Move to a leadership or executive role
  • Find more meaning and alignment with our values
  • Shift a difficult or important relationship
  • Find a less-then full-time job
  • Re-enter the workforce after an absence
  • Applying everywhere and never hearing back
  • Leave the paid workforce

What are you wanting to shift or change?

I have a simple, field-tested method for finding the life that fits.  And we’ll pay close attention to the inner journey of change that Williams Bridges calls “Transition.”  All that emotional upheaval and fear that you are doing it wrong?  Absolutely normal and temporary.  (Below is my version of the process Bridges outlined in his book “Transitions.)”

Remember:  Transition coaching can be done individually or as a member of a cohort.