Open Focus

Are you stuck in emergency mode?

Is everything urgent, taking more energy and giving less reward?  Are you feeling burned out, stressed out, not quite yourself?  Would you like to move beyond resilience into enjoying your day?  Open Focus is a way of paying attention that melts tension.  It’s a simple technique that you can use anywhere, anytime.

Neurofeedback pioneer, Les Fehmi, PhD, hacked the mind-body connection and discovered a simple mechanism:

How we pay attention matters more that what we pay attention to

Changing HOW you pay attention shifts your brainwave pattern, and your brainwave pattern affects your physical response.  That’s how the mind-body connection works.  When you use Open Focus to shift your attention from narrow to broad focus, your brain shifts from a beta pattern (tense alertness, stress hormones, emergency mode) to an alpha pattern (relaxed attention), which changes our physical response from tense to relaxed.  It’s how I’ve been dealing with the epic stress of the Covid pandemic.  I was so impressed with it, I became a certified Open Focus Coach.  And it’s how I’ve been helping clients deal with theirs. They’ve been saying things like: “Oh, that IS better!  I can feel myself relaxing.”  “I feel like I just got a massage, inside.” “I feel completely stoned.”  “This makes such a difference.”

It’s effects are immediate and increase as opening your focus becomes your new habit.  If you have a mindfulness practice, Open Focus will add to its effectiveness.  If you meditate, but aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for, Open Focus will change that.

Give it a try

    • As you’re reading this page:  You can use it right now.  As you read this page, include your peripheral vision in your awareness. Effortlessly notice the white space around the words, the borders of the device you’re reading it on and what is beyond those borders, like the wall in front of you or the person next to you.  Just let what is in the space around you be in your awareness.