Coaching  for Executives, Career Changers and the Stressed

It is such an honor to be someone’s coach.  I love the partnership that develops over time, whether that time is three months or many years.  I used to shy away from saying I had long-lasting coaching relationships, fearing that made me look incompetent, but that was before I started working with Executives and the daily complexity they encounter.  It’s a joy to accompany someone in a leadership role.  It’s a joy to be accompanied too.  I cannot imagine my life without my coaches, mentors and other helpers.  Being coached is like being belayed on a climb:  I can bring more of myself to the task at hand knowing someone I trust has me.

We all need another pair of eyes on us now and then. And of course, elite performers never stop learning and growing from coaches, teachers and other helpers. I never grow tired of the power of the coaching relationship. Click on the links below to learn more:

Executive Coaching

Career Changer Coaching

Open Focus

Open focus is a simple, easy to use method of reducing stress and anxiety as you work. If you’re approaching everything in emergency mode, you may not be seeing what is possible in a situation. Open Focus helps us enter the same old situation in a new way.  Open Focus can give you what lifelong meditators have – a calmer, more peaceful mind and a more relaxed body, even in the midst of stress.  I can incorporate it into our coaching relationship, and I run a practice group on Friday at Noon, Pacific Time.

What you can expect

I listen.  Not just to figure out what to say next, but to learn about you, your goals and aspirations, your situation and vision.  Then I tell you what I’ve heard and what I think.  Together, we work out the best way forward.  I may use models and assessments that help us get to the heart of things, often sending you something to quick read or do, or outlining a method that will help.    I encourage you and offer whatever support fits for you (texting between sessions, quick calls, short emails).  I call it like I see it, but compassionately and without attachment, blame or judgement.  This thing called being human is a tricky business.

I coach individuals, pairs, or small groups.  Please get in touch if you’d like to know more.