Work with Liz


I coach Executives, leaders and consultants individually, in pairs or in small groups/cohorts (see below).  My focus is increasing collaboration, and helping with transitions, especially when the path forward isn’t clear:

  • …like in meetings, which could be collaboration zones, but so often are just plain deadly.  Yes, I mean your meetings. (One of the first things we’ll cover is how PowerPoint kills collaboration. Kills it dead.)
  • …like in the CEO-COO relationship, which is one of my favorite things.  So tricky, so crucial, a collaboration of beauty when it’s working, and just awful when it isn’t.
  • like in the internal consulting role, a collaboration opportunity like no other.  If you can avoid becoming a political pawn or being reduced to irrelevance.
  • …like in finding work that has heart and meaning for you rather than staying on the resumé treadmill.

Cohort Coaching

I love coaching in small cohort groups!  It’s an effective, affordable and enjoyable way to bring the behavior change and accountability of coaching to all levels of your organization.  Working in a cohort with your peers gives you support as you make changes.

What you can expect

I use use models and assessments, often sending you something to quick read or complete. I use something called Open Focus to help us see the same old situation in a new way. Then we talk, and work out the best way forward.  I encourage you and offer whatever support fits for you (texting between sessions, quick calls, short emails).  I call it like I see it, but without attachment.

Frequency and Duration

I like to start out with a three-month commitment, meeting once a week for 60 minutes.  If that’s too much, we can reduce either the length or frequency of sessions.   After three months, we’ll reassess.  The majority of my clients meet with me monthly or quarterly for 30-60 minutes and have been clients for years, either off and on, or continuously.

Nothing beats coaching for making lasting progress quickly.  I’ll help you find your path forward and stay on it.