Coaching for Change

Coaching for Change

I coach Executives, leaders and consultants individually, in pairs or in small groups/cohorts/teams (see below).  My focus is decreasing the wear and tear of anxiety while increasing collaboration during times of transition,  especially when the path forward isn’t clear:

  • …like in meetings, which could be collaboration zones of utter beauty, but so often reproduce social traps like racism, sexism and rankism.
  • …like in the CEO-COO relationship, which is one of my favorite things.  So tricky, so crucial, so fabulous  when it’s working, and just awful when it isn’t.
  • …like in the internal consulting role, a collaboration opportunity like no other – as long as you can avoid the find another rock syndrome pawn outright irrelevance.
  • …like in finding work that has heart and meaning for you rather than staying on the resumé treadmill.

Open Focus

Open focus is a simple, easy to use method of reducing stress and anxiety as you work. If you already have a mindfulness or meditation practice, open focus will magnify the results you may already seeing. I incorporate it into all my coaching and group work and it’s also available as a stand-alone service


Every change ushers in the emotional-psychological process known as transition.  Navigating that passage so your new beginning is a better fit is what transition coaching is all about, whether you are looking at a job change, career change, life change, shifting an existing role, or moving up or down the corporate ladder

Cohort Coaching

I love coaching in cohort pairs and groups! It’s an effective, affordable and enjoyable way to harness the benefits of coaching of coaching  Working in a cohort gives you support as you make changes.

Nothing beats coaching for making lasting progress quickly.  I’ll help you find your path forward and stay on it.

What you can expect

I use use models and assessments, often sending you something to quick read or complete or a method that will help. I use something called Open Focus to help us enter the same old situation in a new way and to proceed more effortlessly. Together, we work out the best way forward.  I encourage you and offer whatever support fits for you (texting between sessions, quick calls, short emails).  I call it like I see it, but without attachment or judgement.

Frequency and Duration

For executive and transition coaching, I like to start out with a three-month commitment, meeting once a week for 60 minutes.  After three months, we’ll reassess and may decide to reduce either the length or frequency of sessions.   For Open Focus coaching, our first session will be an intake where we will set a schedule together based on your needs.