Work with Liz

I teach people how to work in the Collaboration Zone with anyone, no matter what their job title.

Our work together will be

  • Practice-based: We won’t just talk about the best way to do things – we’ll do them until they become your new habits.
  • Results-oriented:  You’ll notice shifts both in yourself and in your relationships.
  • Kind:  Because that’s who we are.  We’ll laugh a lot too.


I coach Executives, leaders and consultants individually, in pairs or in small groups.  My focus is collaboration, and making career and job transitions, especially in tricky situations,

  • Like meetings, which could be collaboration zones, but so often are just plain deadly.  Yes, I mean your meetings. (One of the first things we’ll cover is how PowerPoint kills collaboration. Kills it dead.)
  • Like the CEO-COO relationship, which is one of my favorite things.  So tricky, so crucial, a collaboration of beauty when it’s working, and just awful when it isn’t.
  • Like the internal consulting role, a collaboration opportunity like no other.  If you can avoid becoming a political pawn or being reduced to irrelevance.
  • Like getting off the resumé treadmill and finding a career, job or pastime (for retirees) that truly fits you.

How I coach

I like using use models and assessments, often sending you something to read or complete (never more than two pages, usually with a diagram, always relevant to your situation.)  Then we talk, and work out the best fit between what the model/piece of writing says and your style and situation.  I encourage you and offer whatever support fits for you (texting between sessions, quick calls, short emails).  I call it like I see it, without insisting I’m the source of all truth.

Frequency and Duration

I like to start out with a three-month/10 session commitment, usually weekly for the first month and twice an month for the next two, then switching to monthly sessions unless something heats up.  Then we’ll reassess.  Sometimes we continue longer at once or twice a month.  Sessions tend to be 30, 45 or 60 minutes for individuals, 60 minutes for pairs and small groups.  Many of my clients meet with me monthly for 30-60 minutes.

Nothing beats coaching for making lasting progress quickly.  I’ll help you find your path forward and stay on it.

Cohort Coaching

I don’t know why everyone isn’t doing this – coaching in small corhort groups is an effective, affordable and enjoyable way to bring the behavior change of coaching to all levels of your organization.  I include some cohort coaching as a follow-up to the workshops I teach, but it can also be done on it’s own  Working in a cohort with your peers gives you support as you make changes.


  •  It Fits Like a Glove:  Finding Your Place in the World Offered as 4-week coaching program-with-assignments for individuals or small cohorts.  Get off the resume-application treadmill and learn how to find your place.  This is useful for career-changers, those who want to move up to an executive level or retirees – the process is the same.
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops for leaders and leadership teams.  I use the MBTI constantly.  It warms up relationships, gives us a non-judgmental language to smooth intractable differences and shows us the way back when we are stuck.  Interpreting your results takes 60-90 minutes for individuals.  I also offer a half-day for teams larger groups and can add an afternoon of annual planning for teams.
  • Consulting Skills:  Collaborate with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, is for transforming your collaboration with clients, peers and, most importantly, your boss. Offered in a 1 or 2-day format.  This workshop teaches a 5-stage consulting model and powerful skills that unlock even the stickiest situations.
  • Meeting in the Collaboration Zone:   Learn how to end faux-llaboration and faux-sensus for good.  There is more to meetings than a PowerPoint deck and an icebreaker:  You can design your meetings to build your team as they make astonishing progress on real work.  Best of all, you’ll never again hold a meeting that could – and should – have been an email.  You’ll never attend one either.  Offered in 1/2, 1 or 2 and 3-day formats.  For intact teams this is best supplemented with real-time team coaching between or right in your meetings. This workshop will unlock the mysteries of participatory and productive meetings once and for all.  WARNING:  This will ruin your ability to sit quietly in unproductive meetings that are eating up your days.

*     *     *     *     *

If nothing you see here quite fits your needs, take heart!  I love creating, customizing and finding the best approach for you and your group.  My contact page has several ways to get in touch.  You might want to sign up for my weekly newsletter in the sidebar to get to know me a bit better.  Or, you can put me through my paces by submitting an Ask Liz Case Description form.