Work with Liz


I teach people how to work  in the Collaboration Zone with anyone, anywhere, every time.

Whether you choose coaching, a team-building program, or a workshop, our work together will be:

  • Customized: We’ll find and tweak the best-fit tools and strategies for your situation, not the cookie-cutter versions.  You’ll see immediate results.
  • Modeled:  I do what I teach.  My favorite thing to hear is:  “You can say that to someone?”  If you know how, you can say anything to anyone.
  • Practice-based: We won’t just talk about the best way to do things – we’ll do them until they become your new habits.
  •  Results-oriented:  Creating change that lasts is not rocket science, but others often overlook making everything count.  Not me.

My clients are leaders, consultants and other professionals who want to make a difference by doing what works. Some are disruptive innovators, others are change agents, and all are pushing the status quo to make things better.

Team-Building Program

My most requested program combines a custom team assessment, MBTI interpretations, custom just-in-time workshops and team side-coaching during your actual meetings as well as individual coaching sessions.  Your team will shift before your eyes, and they’ll keep evolving long after I’m gone.


Don’t need the program?  I am always open to coaching high-performing leaders, individual contributors and teams.  We’ll tailor a coaching program so it fits your situation perfectly.  This can be a one-time coaching appointment, a short-term engagement, or something longer-term.  It can include work with the horses, team coaching, (where I coach your team as they work), talking over the phone or skype, using email or texting, or some combination of these.  Contact me and we’ll figure out what will work best for your situation.  I offer a free 30-minute consultation.  


  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshops for leaders and their teams.  I use the MBTI constantly.  It warms up relationships, gives us a non-judgmental language to smooth intractable differences and shows us the way back when we are stuck.  This takes 60-90 minutes for individuals, a half-day and full-day formats for groups and teams.
  • Honing Your Consulting Skills is a 52-week virtual mentoring program for internal consultants that works well as a follow up to the Consulting Skills workshop above.  It’s a potent mix of consulting skills,  meeting mastery and self-mastery and includes a monthly coaching call.
  • Get In, Get Out, Get it Done Meeting Skills    There is more to meetings than a PowerPoint deck and an icebreaker:  You can design your meetings to build your team as they makes astonishing progress on real work.  Best of all, you’ll never again hold a meeting that could – and should – have been an email again.  You’ll never attend one either.  Offered in 1/2, 1 or 2 and 3-day formats.  For intact teams this is best supplemented with real-time team coaching right in your meetings. This workshop will unlock the mysteries of participatory and productive meetings once and for all.  WARNING:  This will ruin your ability to sit quietly in unproductive meetings that are eating up your days.
  • You’re a Manager!  Now What?  Becoming a manager is a career change, not a promotion. Offered in 5 half-day modules:  The Role of the Manager and your Transition, Interviewing, Performance Management I and II, Meeting Management.  Here are the basics you wish you’d gotten when you first became a manager.

 Let’s Punch Up Your Meeting:  Meeting Consultation and Coaching

You’ve gone to the workshops and and your meetings have gotten so much better, and now you’re ready for the tweaks that will take them to brilliant.  These consultations are brief looks at your meeting outcomes, agendas and interactions.  Small changes make big differences.

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If nothing you see here quite fits your needs, take heart!  I love creating, customizing and finding the best approach for you and your group.  My contact page has several ways to get in touch.  You might want to sign up for my weekly newsletter in the sidebar to get to know me a bit better.  Or, you can put me through my paces by submitting an Ask Liz Case Description form.