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I’ve got good news!

You don’t need to achieve enlightenment or be the master of the universe to make a bigger difference.  You don’t even need a promotion. You need the skills to cut across silos and levels on the org chart.  You need the skills good consultants have.

Hello and welcome.  I’m so glad you stopped by! I’m Liz Williams, owner of Collaboration Zone.  My clients are:

  • Known for turning conversation into a collaboration zone – no matter who is there.
  • Seen as valuable players who tell the truth without ruffling feathers.
  • Experiencing the satisfaction and joy that come from making a real difference, well beyond their job description.

You don’t have to have “consultant” in your title to benefit from what I offer There are many ways to lead from the side:

  • You may be in a staff position.
  • You may oversee several groups who don’t see eye-to-eye but need to collaborate.
  • You may sense that your meetings could be more lively and engaged, but fear losing control if you invite more participation
  • You may be a leader constantly pulled one way by your direct reports and another by your leadership, Board of Directors or shareholders.

The skills of humbly using authentic power to make a difference for people are useful in many situations.  And you don’t have to give up your integrity or sell your soul.  You don’t have to play games or politics.  You don’t have to wait until your organization is “optimal”  or you are “perfect” or “ready.”  You’re ready now.  And best of all, you can be yourself.  You’ll “need some training up,” of course:  Being yourself at work takes skill.  If you’re curious about why that is, you might enjoy spending 2 minutes reading this.

Meanwhile, jump in and send me what questions, comments or requests you have.

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