Collaboration Zone

What is a Collaboration Zone?

Collaboration starts inside you, with the logical side of the brain talking to the feeling side, the conscious in communication with the unconscious, the seen working hand in glove with the unseen.  When not in emergency mode, this is our natural way of being.

Collaboration Zone is the place where “your deep gladness  meets the world’s deep hunger,” and you work in a sweet spot where the work you do seems made for you.

When collaboration is flowing within you or between you and others, the connection is electric.  A thought sparks another thought, and then another, and ideas flow. We complete each other’s sentences, we nod, we make eye contact, then gaze into the distance.  We laugh.  Collaboration is play, creative flow, and it can feel like magic.  It can melt barriers and make longstanding differences irrelevant.  It can also strip you right down to the studs.

Collaboration is what I do.

I’m Liz Williams, and I can help.  I coach people who want to change something about they way they work.  Maybe it’s time to change the focus of your business, or revitalize a team you lead.  Maybe you want to change your relationship to work,  or to stress and complexity, or maybe you’re entering a new life stage and need to work out what’s next. Many of us find ourselves in new and tricky territory these days – or maybe it’s the same old territory and we need fresh approaches to navigate it.

When it feels right, please get in touch so we can talk about it.