Collaboration Zone

What is a Collaboration Zone?

Collaboration starts inside you, with the logical side of the brain talking to the feeling side, the conscious in communication with the unconscious, the seen working hand in glove with the unseen.  This is how you form your own collaboration zone.  When we add another person’s collaboration zone to ours, the relationship that forms can create a collaboration zone that is multi-layered, deep, and rich with surprising results. We each become willing to be changed by the other’s reality, open to what you see that I do not, and we  become willing to contend, get stuck, get unstuck and find a flow together.  Otherwise it’s just cooperation, which is though wonderful in its own way, is not collaboration.

When collaboration is flowing between two people or amongst a group, there is no space between people.  A thought sparks another thought, and then another, and ideas flow. We complete each other’s sentences, we nod, we make eye contact, then gaze into the distance.  And we pause, standing and waiting for the light to slowly dawn before proceed more thoughtfully, with more care.  At no time is someone asked to give up their self to achieve consensus. Collaboration is play, creative flow, and it can feel like magic.  It can melt barriers and make longstanding differences irrelevant.

The barriers to collaboration are many and noxious: All the -isms, the power dynamics, the exhausting jockeying for position and, worst of all, not believing collaboration is possible.  But none of these are inevitable, and none are beyond our ability.   All the barriers boil down to Fear and it’s tricky twin, Anxiety.  I can help you free up the energy those two are holding hostage.

I’m Liz Williams, and I coach people who want to change something in their lives.  Maybe it’s a meeting you lead or attend, maybe it’s time to change your work, maybe your’e at a new life stage. We’re in new and tricky territory these days – or maybe it’s the same old territory that we are newly willing to take on in all its trickiness.  Either way, its time to “…show up and choose to be present, pay attention to what has heart and meaning, speak the truth without blame or judgement and be open to outcome, not attached to outcome” (Angeles Arrien, The Fourfold Way.)