Executive Coaching

Coaching for Executives

The strongest performers in every field have coaches, teachers, therapists and others to help keep them at the top of their game.  It helps them focus on “what they do that no one else can do,” which is the golden rule of time management according to time management expert, Kenneth Atchity.  Here is a sampling of what I can help with:

  • Meetings that need to deliver results while being transparently fair and inclusive.  You can include others and stay in charge
  • The CEO-COO relationship, which is pivotal.  So fabulous when it’s working, and just plain awful when it isn’t.
  • The relationship with your Board of Directors is key.
  • Setting a new direction or putting a fresh spin on the old one.
  • Developing your replacement from within
  • Your own development and growth.

I’m always up for an exploratory conversation.  Get in touch.