Open Focus Friday

Open Focus Friday!

Changing HOW you pay attention – without changing anything else – changes your brainwaves which changes your physiology.  That’s the discovery of neurofeedback pioneer Les Fehmi, PhD.  Most of us overuse narrow focus or “emergency mode,” and suffer physical effects such as tension and pain.  Dr. Fehmi described several modes of paying attention and created a method for shifting the whole brain from a beta brainwave pattern (emergency mode) to the beneficial and healing alpha pattern with its relaxed alertness.

And you can do it anywhere, anytime, with immediate effects.  The more you practice it, the easier it is to break the habit of a narrow, emergency mode of attention and unwind all that tension and pain.  So let’s practice!

Every Friday from 12:00 noon to 12:50, Pacific time, I’ll answer questions and lead an open focus session tailored to the participants on the zoom call.

  • I’ll send out audios of each session that you can download for use throughout the week (Keep scrolling for free audios).
  • In between zoom calls, I’m available to answer questions that come up as you practice, so you can make Open Focus the way you pay attention all the time.
  • You’ll also get access to a password-protected page where you can post your comments

Cost:   The first session is always free. Thereafter, it’s $25.00 a session.   You can also buy a package of 12 at a reduced rate of $20.00 per session. These session are ongoing and you can drop in anytime.

Get in touch if you’d like to join us or want to know more.

I blog about recent OF sessions here.

Free Open Focus Audios

Please enjoy these free OF sessions.  Be prepared to sit comfortably with your eyes closed for the time indicated.

OF – Space and Silence (25 mins)

OF – Dissolving Pain (30 mins)

OF – Between (22 mins)

OF – Between – short (13 mins)