Cohort Coaching

Cohort Coaching

Coaching a cohort benefits from the skills and viewpoints of all cohort members, providing both support and challenge. Cohort coaching is what a Community of Practice attempts to achieve, but often doesn’t.

Cohorts are three to eight people in a similar situation, transition or inflection point in their careers or lives. Coaching in cohorts has clear benefits:

  • Cohorts multiply learning and increase momentum
  • Cohorts cut across silos and territories
  • Cohorts increase accountability
  • Cohorts are more affordable than individual coaching.

How it works

The optimal cohort size is three to eight people. Monthly sessions are 60-75 minutes, and are based on brief pre-work I send out a few days before our session. We spend the first 20-30 minutes on exercises from the pre-work, then open the video call to questions, dilemmas, successes and celebrations. We end by identifying one small step we can take to apply what we’ve learned.

Finding a cohort

You can form a cohort with a team member or someone who has the a similar role or the same job title in your organization. You can form a cohort with people who do similar jobs at different organizations. Or you can form an cohort around a similar interest, like improving your consulting skills, or wanting to change careers, get a job that fits you better or get promoted to the executive level. If you notify me of your interest in a particular cohort, I can put you on a waiting list until there are others with a similar interest.