Meeting Coaching

What’s the number one problem with meetings?  Believing this is as good as they get.

That’s what I hear, over and over.  Good thing it’s not true.  Meetings can be collaboration zones where Ideas spark, limitations are respectfully considered, and you can be amazed.  We’ll find the ingredient that’s missing and supply it.

It might be Conflict.  If your meetings are shallow or droopy, that’s what’s missing  And if they’re sparky, but nothing every gets resolved, they need Listening, the kind where you learn something, not the kind where you just wait for someone to stop talking.   Of course all meetings need Congruence, where the level of participation matches the level of decision-making authority a leader is willing to share, no hiding, no gotchas, no double-talk.  That requires clarity of purpose and transparent fairness.

As your meeting coach, I’ll line things up so you won’t be pretending to involve people in a decision you’ve already made and they won’t pretend to support it afterwards.  We’ll banish Robert’s Rules of Order, which was created  for unruly mobs,  not teams, and your meetings will be real, energized and bursting with good, usable ideas which will lead to follow-through.

I can help design an agenda that moves your from a presentation-centric style to the right level of participation for any given agenda item.  We can take small steps so you and your group learn the skills of this approach.  Or, I can observe your meetings and offer suggestions, facilitate or co-facilitate.  We can mix and match approaches.