Meeting Coaching

This is awkward, but has to be said:  Your meetings could be better.  Much better.  And that was before working at home and hybrid work models became the way we work.  Now your meetings have to be the best it is possible to be.  How else will you build your team across the miles?

I bet you think that’s going to take forever, right?  You’ll have to listen and paraphrase and let everyone have their say as the hours melt away… But that’s not what iIm suggesting.  There are simple techniques that get more work done in less time with less wear and tear on everybody.  

It could be as simple as helping you design an agenda or giving you feedback after a meeting.  It might be a little more hands-on where I observe one of your meetings and give you feedback.  Or it might be that I design the agenda and facilitate the meeting.  Good meetings are a joy for everyone who attends them.  Let’s schedule a free 30-minute consultation and see where it takes us. You’ll be glad you did.