You’re only a few steps away from joining the

Honing Your Consulting Skills Program!


+++However, each step is critical, so please, please, please

read this entire page before proceeding.+++


Then we can all offer up a prayer of gratitude that you’ll only have to do this once.  Here are the steps:

1. Please take a moment to create your username and password, then write them down and keep theme in a safe place:  You’ll need them to gain access to the members-only area of the Collaboration Zone website.  Then click on the big button at the bottom of the page.

2. You may see a screen flash by just before you are redirected to PayPal.  It’s safe to ignore it.

3. After completing your payment, it’s essential that you  click on the teensy, tiny link that says  Return to Collaboration Zone.

4. You’ll then see another paypal screen which tells you  it’s redirecting you to Collaboration Zone and offers you another link to click on.  Either way, you’ll come back here.

5. Once you’re back on this page for the second time, clicking on the big button completes your membership registration and puts you on the email list.

When you click on this button again, you will not be charged twice, no matter what the button says.  You have my word on this, and you can trust it, because, believe me, it was hard enough to get it to happen even once.

I promise you everything in the program is easier and more fun than this process.  Thanks for sticking with it.

If you run into any problems, call me at 510-484-3079 or email me at and I’ll make it right.  And thanks again for signing up.