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Cancellation Fees

For coaching sessions, please cancel 24 hours ahead or I’ll have to charge yo for the session.

If you’ve scheduled a workshop or meeting facilitation with me, my cancellation fees are as follows:

If you cancel from 22-30 days ahead of the event, I charge 25% of the total fee; from 15-21 days it’s 50%; from 8-14 days it’s 70%, and for 0-7 days before, it’s 100% with  50% applied to a similar event scheduled within the next 6 months.

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Copyright – Free Stuff

This is the stuff I’d love for you to share, with one condition.  It includes my website’s pages, blog posts, newsletters and free reports.  Although these are all copyrighted by Liz Williams, with all rights reserved by the author, I’m giving you permission to use any of these, in whole or in part, as long as you:

  • Include the entire attribution that follows
  • Include a live web site link to https://collaborationzone.com

Here’s an example of the the attribution as a live link:

By Liz Williams of Collaboration Zone.

I’d love it if you emailed me to let me know where the material will be used or appear (if in public). Not only would it please me to know, I’d also like to say “thank you.”

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