You can catch anxiety

We r3esist the idea that someone elses anxiety can affect our behavior 0 that it’s contagious. We are so used to an herios view. Time article on how emo states are contagious.

Link to anxiety and its manifestations, even though you believe those behaviors are wrong and that yo dont’ do them. The 4 smptoms are a clue that you’re being more affected than you think

How psychology is undergoing a sea-change. How anxiety is affecting our health. ˇhe peanut allergy articl in Time.


  1. Pete Rodseeri says

    Anxiousness and uncertainty are like peanut butter and jelly with ExPeCtAtIoNs as bread. We’ve been conditioned to dream big and work hard only to find that many of our ideals seldom fully come to light or be sufficiently sustained. Then we tell ourselves that we’ll try harder next time…This i social virus of our modern society continues to infect the masses, and even the most independent minds who believe they are not a conformists. Its a tragedy that this is how we make ourselves and others around us (our children) depressed. High expectations (false hopes) and working hard (exhausting efforts) are highly valued in our culture. We dream to be like the people on TV and live our glamorous dramas just like everybody else in attempts to fit in and be viewed as a member of society. We want more ____ (you fill in the blank) and could never have enough of it… This so called strive towards success is not but an exhaustion of the spirit in re-creating personal hells. Heaven comes in small amounts until disappointment comes with a dose of reality, and you say “why me its not fair”. Then we blame, shame, or attack the things we do not understand–most dangerously, ourselves. Well, maybe we do not know the Self so well after-all and are merely mimicking what all the other confused people are doing “now-a-days”. Where is the humanity when the distinguishing faculties bestowed upon us are not utilized or even realized? What accounts as average is bellow my standard, but I’m optimistic that we may become resistant to “social ills”.
    We can stop this vicious cycle by not joining in-on negative self-talk and relating to others with our own complacency. In other words, just get over yourself and be cured! Then you can become an agent of change by emitting feel good thoughts:)

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