Career and Transition Coaching

Career  and Transition Coaching

There will come a time in your career or your life when simply responding to job postings won’t get you where you want to go.

For most of us the traditional approach fails when we seek to:

  • Enter the executive ranks
  • Re-enter the workforce after an absence
  • Change what we do for a living
  • Find a less-then full-time job

There is a better way than submitting your resumé online, applying for jobs, or going to interviews that lead nowhere. In fact, even if the traditional job search is still working for you, you can vastly improve your results.

I’ve outlined a simple, effective method in a booklet that I’ll send you when you sign up.  I will coach and support you through the steps to your new position, career or work-life balance.  

Career coaching can be done individually or as a member of a cohort.