Rhythm Circles

Rhythm-based Collaboration Circles?

Yes! Drumming together solves the collaboration dilemma – Me or We? – by saying a wholehearted “yes.”  Drumming together enables us to belong and stand apart at the same time.

Using drums and other percussion instruments brings out your natural rhythm whether you’ve ever played a musical instrument or not.  We can all make music together failure-free.  The flow state we enter transfers to meetings and conversations.  And it’s so much fun!

“Drumming together is collaboration.  So much about modern life pulls us away from this delicate balance of self and other.  Drumming effortlessly realigns us.  It’s not enough for the leader to be solely responsible for alignment and connection.  We’ve reached the point where it must be everybody’s job to lead and follow, to connect and take a stand.”

-Christine Stevens & Christopher DeGraal

Drumming together weaves a web that includes opposing viewpoints without friction and aligns perfectly with a more collaborative workplace.

“We need to develop new approaches – not management but encouragement, not control but genesis. Innovation arises from ongoing circles of exchange, where information is not just accumulated or stored, but created.”

-Margaret Wheatley, Leadership and the New Science.  

“Drum Circles capture the cadence of the new economy while shaking up traditional notions about team-building.”
– M. Kathleen Pratt, Fastcompany.com

“It feels like getting a massage from the inside.” – Rhythm circle participant

A rhythm circle for your team will give you all this and profound health benefits, too:

  • Group flow, no matter even when your boss is in the room
  • Individual expression that enhances group cohesion
  • Renewed esprit de corps
  • Stress-relief on a genomic level (that’s deep stress relief)
  • Increased killer T-cells, the clean-up crew of your immune system
  • Playfulness and fun

I use an evidence-based approach developed and refined over many years by neurologist Barry Bittman, but you won’t notice that.  You’ll be having too much fun.  No musical experience is required.

Contact me to book an hour-long session, build a rhythm circle into your team-building offsite/department meeting, or wow your conference with a rhythm-based keynote.