Career Coaching

There will come a time in your career when simply responding to job postings will no longer get you where you want to go.

For most of us this traditional approach fails when we seek to:

1. Enter the executive ranks or the C-level
2. Re-enter the workforce after an absence
3. Change careers
4. Find a less-then full-time job

It happened to me early in my career. I’ve changed careers several times, from Music Therapist at a State Hospital to Advertising Account Executive to Technical Writer to Organization Development Consultant. I’ve been promoted 4 levels in two separate jobs – one day I was in an entry-level position and the next day I was reporting to senior management and making a great deal more money.

There is a better way than sitting through interviews that go nowhere or applying for jobs and not hearing back. In fact, even if the traditional job search is still working for you, you can vastly improve your results.

I’ve outlined a simple, effective method in a booklet.  I will coach and support you through the steps to your new position, career or work-life balance.